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Raising a seed round in Edinburgh

Galvanise will be taking part in a panel discussion alongside ADV and Episode 1 on 31 January 2019. You can sign up here.

Description of the event:

“Bringing together early stage investors, venture backed entrepreneurs and early stage founders to explore good (and bad) practice in raising investment. We will explore the options open to companies at seed stage, some key tips from our speakers and things to avoid when raising.

As the amount of investment into companies in Edinburgh increases and the region grabs the attention of investors from around the country, how can startups best take advantage?

A chance to hear from some prolific angels, microfunds, VCs and institutional investors on what they look for, as well as some helpful guidance and key learnings from founders who have raised in Edinburgh.


6.30-6.45pm: Arrive and get a seat

6.45-7.15pm: Fireside chat: Rob Jones (Co-founder of FanDuel, Co-founder of Flick) with Andrew Sloane (Co-founder and Investment Lead at ADV)

7.15-7.45pm: Investor panel: Siobhan Clarke (Partner at Episode 1), Mark Hogarth (Partner at Techstart), Nick Jones (Partner at Galvanise) moderated by Tong Gu (Investment Lead at ADV)

7.45-8.15pm: Founder panel: Melissa Morris (CEO at Lantum), Andrew Parfery (Co-founder at Care Sourcer), Callum Murray (CEO at Amiqus), moderated by Tong Gu (Investment Lead at ADV)

8.15-9pm: Reflect on the evening and make some friends!”

Sign up here.

Kate McKay