Galvanise Capital


What good looks like



"Galvanise's investor network provided us with connections and guidance that helped us accelerate from 0 to 60 in no time flat."

— Parry Malm, Phrasee 


"We have worked with Galvanise for a number of years. Not only has their pool of focused, smart investors been invaluable in fundraising, but the expertise and acumen accessible via the team and network has been a hugely powerful asset."

— Richard Kelly, Adimo


"Galvanise’s end-to-end approach allowed me to continue focusing on growing the business without the distractions of fundraising."

— Shumel Lais, Appsumer


“The team have an impressive track record in developing and exiting businesses within this sector. This is a brilliant asset for any founders seeking value beyond cash investment.”

— Sam Reid, ThinkSprint


“Of all of the investor syndicates we have been in talks with, it was Galvanise whose vision and expectations most closely matched our own. Their confidence in our team, our products and our long-term strategic vision provides us with the assurances needed to capitalise on our shared ambition fully, and we are looking forward to a bright and profitable future in partnership together.”

— John Gordon, Incentive Games


"Working with Galvanise has been a pleasure and a privilege. Their knowledge and guidance have helped us grow and develop and we look forward to expanding even more in the future with their help."

— Jonathan Gan, Whichit