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Edinburgh Workshop - Leveraging Culture for Growth - 18 December 2018

We recently ran a workshop on ‘Leveraging Culture for Growth’ as part of Startup Summit and it was so well received that we decided we would do it again for any founders who couldn’t be at Startup Summit. Full description below and you can sign up for tickets here.

Immediately after the workshop we have our winter drinks social from 6.30pm (with beers from Topout Brewery and pizza from East Pizzas) which attendees of the workshop are very welcome to stick around for.


Description of workshop
This workshop will focus on sharing practical tools and techniques that leaders can use to align their team to a shared vision, in particular through culture, in order to leverage growth of a company. We will send you some materials/pre-work in advance of the session.

We will focus on two core concepts in creating a culture for growth;

  • creating a business for the benefit of the shareholders, the staff and the customers

  • creating a culture of success where employees are delivering their “A Strengths” as often as possible

Over the course of the session we will workshop four key threads;

  • Defining a Purpose and a Picture of Success

  • Building a super team

  • The role of leaders in the team

  • Building a roadmap for success

The goal is for all attendees to leave the session with some great ideas on how to start building a culture that thrives on and drives success.

Kate McKay