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Our preferred verticals are: data & analytics, marketing technology, advertising technology and any spaces in which these interact. To see what good looks like to Galvanise, take a look at our portfolio.


See below some examples of the criteria we use when considering prospective businesses for investment.

Is the founding team credible (preferably not solo founders)?
Do the team have what it takes to execute the plan?
Are the team aware of their weaknesses and where they will need to augment?
Can the team take feedback and show an ability to listen?
Is there a very large addressable market now and in the future?
Does the business address a real and demonstrable market need?
Is there a clear go-to-market strategy?
Is there high-growth potential based on the above, ability to generate 10x+ returns?
Are customers paying even at a very early stage? Is the business showing signs of traction?
Do the team understand the importance of pipeline?
Do the team have a clear understanding of their competitors?
Do the team have an ability to control and understand costs?
Is the business EIS/SEIS qualifying? Relevant to UK-based companies only.
Are there identifiable potential acquirers and exit strategy?
Has the team shown determination and/or made any sacrifices to get to this point?
Do we click with them on a person level and are they trustworthy with our money?


In terms of round size, typical investments for the syndicate range between £150,000 and £1,000,000.

Once we have made an investment in a business, we can often add value in more than just a financial sense. Galvanise members can add genuine value when working with the founders of portfolio companies, and this is reflected in our portfolio company testimonials.